May. 31st, 2007

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My three Fearsome Chili Peppers are coming along nicely, each nearly a foot tall. Next Monday, more fertilizer.

Shout-out to the other pepper herders: how are yours coming along? Let me know!

[ profile] dpaxson's have hardly grown at all since going into their larger pots, alas, probably because they're in a conservatory that gets hardly any light much of the day. They would do MUCH better upstairs on the second-floor deck (are you listening, O Denizens of Greyhaven?), and [ profile] dpaxson knows this, but spaced it between Baycon and Trothmoot. If someone would actually move those guys up there, you'd only be doing what she wanted anyway, and you can always blame me later. 8-)

In other news, the first attempt to sprout gourd and zucchini seeds failed some time ago--I think the heating pad under the peat pot tray made the ground too warm, such that instead of encouraging things like it did for the chilis, instead they got boilt.

So, I gave up on gourds for now, and picked up some more Raven zucchini ('cos, whoa, ravens).

This second set had a much lower heating pad, and that for less time before I nicked it away to make yogurt--and even so, after a week there was nothing. The peat pots may be too acidic to make the zucchini happy. Anyway, I left a towel on top so the sunlight wouldn't be too bright, but otherwise gave up on 'em.

More fool me! Hooray!

I has more plantbabies!

Four zucchini have sprouted in both root and stem, with at least two more rooting but not stemmed. Happily, as Raven has a bushy habit, these do well in pots, as, well, that's what I can do in my apartment abode. Miz Diana "but I like zucchini and and and RAVENS OMGz" Paxson will, I think, be graced with another two, and as [ profile] trogula likened them unto a Certain Godly Attribute, I know he's good for a couple, and we'll see how it rolls from there, as I know [ profile] wolfs_daugher already has some. The No Chili Left Behind act sort of got steamrolled by [ profile] purplevenus's headwash, as she was supposed to get three, but wound up with six, and hopefully they are also well.

I think herbs next, all the kinds I best like to cook with--yea, verily, there shall be a Mighty Pesto Bush, and oregano, and [ profile] countgeiger wants sage, rosemary, and thyme.

But we are agreed that there shall be noooo parsley. HA!

-- Lorrie


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