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So, for no damn good reason, I was suddenly compelled to start making yogurt this week.

Now two people who don't share much of a data pool in common are making probiotic noises: One of them has been clubbed over the head by them in a way I can only consider akin to acquiring a spirit ally*, the other wants to repopulate their GI tract after a bout of food poisoning.

Oh! That's why!

Extended post detailing my adventures in monster probiota ranching to follow, this is just funny.

-- Lorrie

* - Re: bacterial buddies. Yeah, that sounds ravingly fluffy. Look at it this way: lots of folk have animals, another wide swath have ancestors, I know a few with trees, I know another few with fungi. I could argue that it wouldn't suck for a brewer to deal with his yeast this way, but bacteria with whom you, as a human, are engaged in a mutual symbiotic relationship would be--dare I say--logical. Next, someone who's read A Wind in the Door will run up to me and explain how they have deep, meaningful relationships with their mitochondria. I will not be surprised at this. Also, someone else will find yet another reason to affix my face to a dartboard as I am the Living Symbol of All Things Fluffy; I will not be surprised at that, either.

PS: Yes. Oracle. It's a town in Arizona. I was there (it's not far from Tucson, right by the Biosphere, near the non-Interstate route between Tucson and Phoenix).
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"So, I want a great big roast that I'm going to dry-age in my refrigerator*, then sear on all sides and roast to pink perfection. What cut would you recommend for this treatment?"

I am at my local high-end grocery store, what has the real meat counter. It's slow right now, and two meatmongers, call them Alan and Bob, are behind the counter.

Alan: "Oh, well, we like the Sirloin Tip and the Cross-Rib SHoulder. Those have good prices--$4.99/lb--and good size."

They also have bottom round, standing rib, and eye round roasts. The roast is for this weekend's Odin Party, so obviously, I want to have a word about that eye round... "Those eye rounds, how would they do? It doesn't look like it'd be big enough."

Alan: "Oh, those are only three, four pounds."

lwood: "Yeah, I'm going to need about nine pounds, it's a big party."

Alan: "You'd need two eyes, then."

Bob: "I got two eyes."

Alan: "Really? Do they both work?"

Bob: "Oh, yeah. All twenty-twenty over here, man."

I want you all to know it was only by a heroic effort of self-control that I did not break out into inappropriately large gales of laughter that I would then have to explain.

Meanwhile, a gent of my acquaintance was discussing Odin with me. As long as we're making up alphabetical names, call him Carl:

Carl: I get the whole - "Luke, turn away from the Dark Side" thing from everyone

lwood: Only because you haven't talked to the scary Odin kids, who of course say, "Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies."

Carl: Except you're not all that scary.

-- Lorrie, Not Scary. Want a cookie?

* - As done in The Finest Restaurants, this is basically letting your beef sit around in refrigerated air for four days so that, yes, it starts breaking down (OMGs!). While this results in more tender and flavorful meat, this still seems Wrong to some inner hygiene freak of mine, who is going to have a lie-down until Saturday. It's also pretty safe: the outer layer dries up and is sliced off, and the new outer layer gets seared with high heat. Still freaked? Then don't eat it--more for ME.
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Tomorrow's Oracular Seið ritual will have an anthropology student from a local college in attendance.

She will only be allowed to use questions and answers from querents who have specifically permitted use of their question and answer, and we will be announcing her presence before we start. She didn't give us enough warning to make note of it beforehand even to our own people, grumble grumble nyar grar. My other stipulation, as usual, is wanting a copy of the paper when it's done.

The student will also be attending another ritual this week that will have none of the same people in it, so that will be a healthy contrast.

Passing anthropologists make me feel like I've reached the Big Time as a professional weirdo.

-- Lorrie
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WHO: Seiðjallr (the working seið group associated with Hrafnar and (hopefully) you.

WHAT: Oracular Seið

WHEN: Tuesday, November 14th. Please gather at 7:30.

WHERE: The Berkeley Unitarian Fellowship hall (BFUU) at the corner of Cedar & Bonita in Berkeley, California.

WHY: It is the season in which we honor the ancestors and seek wisdom.

HOW: This is a time-tested, lore-based Heathen ritual involving guided trance journey to Helheim, the land of the dead, in order to facilitate oracular divination.

Seiðjallr performs Oracular Seidh several times a year at BFUU and at festivals as a community service to those with questions that need answering. In this season it is especially easy to contact our beloved dead, but all sorts of questions are welcome.

This ritual is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

-- Lorrie, one of your local Evil Seið Princesses-in-Residence
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Friends and neighbors, I'm an animist. Damn near anything with an individual identity has got some spirit to it, and that which is loved, can love in return, and occasionally perform when really it just ain't got no logical reason to--and I like to think that's love.

Herewith, the Tale of the Taurus That Could, and the Death of Its Transmission.

Short form: I'm okay, the car not so much. )

A rebuilt transmission will run $2000, and that'll take a goodly amount of juggling to achieve, but we'll do it--if for no other reason than that loyalty on a level roughly equivalent to the original marathon run really ought to be rewarded.

The little Taurus That Could loves me lots and now, big strong mean tough silly me, I am crying for it, at work and everything.

Good car. Mommy and Daddy fix.

-- Lorrie
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A study at Johns Hopkins University released in the past few days has determined that ingesting psilocybin (from context, apparently in a refined, mushroom-free form) gives you profound psychospiritual experiences.

I'm happy that they're researching these things on the one hand. On another, "don't do this at home" actually does have some credence over and above spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Mind-blowing experiences are best had, at the very least, when there's someone nearby with twin crucial wisdoms of "here, have a Kleenex" and "getting the fuck out of the way of a mindblowing experience".

Here's a link to the article in the SF Chronicle, article text pasted behind the cut. )
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Seidhjallr, the oracular seidh group attached to Hrafnar, will be performing oracular seidh at BFUU at 7:30 on 8 November, a week from yesterday. While the emphasis of this particular outing will be to speak with the beloved dead, questions of any type may be asked and answered.

BFUU is at the corner of Cedar and Bonita, in Berkeley, CA. It is a short walk from either the Downtown Berkeley or North Berkeley BART stations, and accessible by AC Transit bus routes 7, 9, 15, 43, and 52. After we're done, which will be 9:30-10:00, any who wish to may join us at a nearby cafe for a late dinner.

Hope to see some of you there!

-- Lorrie
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...who says, "Holy crap! Why aren't you [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes'd more often! Just the normal things you say!"

The reason for this was me informing a Certain Gentleman that [livejournal.com profile] pearlshadow shouldn't have popcorn, or corn liquor, because "she already has enough frequent dier miles, thanks!"

Thank you, drive through.

-- Lorrie
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Hi, just got back from a weeklong retreat/workshop/thing in Massachusetts -- how y'all doin'?

Nobody is allowed to call me a wuss again. Ever. This especially means me. In fact, I have it on good authority that I have gone straight through not-wuss and not-badass and straight into badass, perhaps even Scary. The ability to navigate successfully out of Boston may be seen as token of this, for lo, I did, and then back in, and Logan Airport of the Several Terminals besides.

This isn't the only reason for the above declaration, but this is a family-oriented entry. However, I'll just say that them Jotun boys, girls, and others, they plays rough.

In server-related news, greylisting has been turned off for hotmail.com, gmail.com, and yahoo.com -- the former decided that temporary deferrals were the same as hard bounces (assholes!) and the latter I threw in for good measure: when sending IP's can come from any of a large number of servers in a farm, they are not good greylisting candidates.

-- Lorrie
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How would you attach metal, specifically a thin piece of wire, to bone?

Edit: Okay, it's fine-gauge wire and a rat skull, with the intent of whiskers.

-- Lorrie


Feb. 17th, 2005 02:09 am
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All right, I'll bite on this one... unfortunately, the locals mostly won't be able to read or reply to this 'til Tuesday.
Did you think of any deity in particular when you met me? How about now that you know me? And why?

-- Lorrie
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I deleted some friends and left some communities (the highest-traffic deletion being [livejournal.com profile] sages_of_chaos). Standard disclaimer: it doesn't mean I don't like you, it just means that I'm trying to reduce the inflow. OK? OK.

Added a couple new people, mostly Hrafnar folks or people who'd friended me first, like [livejournal.com profile] yorkshirelad. Actually, Mr Yorkshire, do I know you? Have you, perchance, posted under some nom de guerre in Sages o' Chaos? Just curious.

At least two of my friends are having this month for Processing and significant chunks of inner work. I have a lot of sympathy for you guys.

This weekend is Diana's big Odin Party, which should be its usually extremely interesting self. If you're in the Bay Area and would like to know more about it, you'll have an e-mail about it from the Hrafnar and/or Odin's Ætt lists -- any questions after that you can either e-mail me or call Diana or I.

-- Lorrie
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Seidhjallr, the working seidh group attached to Hrafnar, will be performing oracular seidh tonight at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (BFUU). Tonight's session will be particularly focussed on asking questions of the ancestors, although general questions and questions to Hella will also be addressed. I will be guiding.

BFUU is located at the corner of Cedar and Bonita, one block east (uphill) of the corner of Cedar and Martin Luther King, or two blocks west of the corner of Cedar and Shattuck. The doors will open around 7:15, and we'll be starting somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00.

Hope to see some of you there!

-- Lorrie
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To mine enemy, currently beseiging mine oculus sinister and its environs:

Thou art a most unwelcome guest. Thou didst come upon me in tender years, all unawares, kissing me and marking my lips in a way most untoward for a child of five. But thy depredations didst not stop there, thou monkey's-rumped son of a syphlitic motherless goat. No, that were not enough for thee, and so ever and anon have I had to fight with thine incursions across the very windows of my soul, a very scar upon the cornea of my oculus sinister.

But this is not a new fight between thou and I. Oh, no. From old have I known you, and even as I did in the ancient of my days do I call allies to my defense!

Behold, I have taken nine grams of Lysine of the L Preparation, which is known to be noxious unto thee, a foul stench to speed thee hence with haste, back to thy well-known gangliac strongholds. When dawn, with her rosy fingers, o'ertops the Red Mountain, I shall bespeak Martel, a mighty chiurgeon of the upstream valleys, and we shall then palaver about which powerful scrolls shall be rendered unto the alchemists of the Longs of Unusual Size. As I see that thou has not yet called thy boorish bacterial cohorts, who bring with them the painful discharges that accompany a swelling of the conjunctiva, this battle should be a simple one. The alchemists will, upon the reception of these scrolls, or upon converse with the very air insubstantial which shall carry Martel's wingèd words, my despisèd enemy, dispense diverse powders and potions to which they are privy, which taken ensemble shall cause thy devocation once more! Thou shouldst know full well their Names, of Acyclovir, of the ophthalmic preparations of Valacyclovir, for their names are anathema to thee, and as a spear in my hand will they be my offense against thee. Tremble in thy strongholds at the sound of those names! Yea, even in my ganglia shouldst thou fear these diverse powders and potions that the chiurgeon, alchemist, and I shall bring to bear!

Do not think that I am so fond of the personal hand of Bilyegr, nor that Oski is so desired for, nor that I am so desirous of the continuation of his personal signature upon my cornea, that I will not work with every power at my defense, no, not even my Art, to speed thee hence, until we have this fight again, thou and I.

For we are old foes, thou and I. As long as thou art willing to lie in wait and strike when I am low, then will I be as willing to bring what I can bear against thee.

With respectful spite...
Translation... )
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Tonight's Seidhjallr meeting, one of several where we take a nice slow amble back through basics, was focussed on Mapping the Nine Worlds -- it's a Norse cosmological thing, because if we're going to be galumphing up and down the big ol'tree in the middle, it's good to have your bearings, and review rarely hurts. While we often do this in journey space, it's often useful to cement that with kinesthetic learning techniques and a little real-world visualisation.

Besides, taken in the right spirit, it can be fun!

Obviously, this had to take place at Greyhaven, it was the only place with enough space and small tchotchkes to carry this off. This was well-paid off, though, because it enabled DLP's grandchildren to have their own honored place in the festivities... along with their collections of MageKnights, D&D figurines, and a few favored stuffed animals.

If humor has no place in your religious practice, don't click.

Obviously, the dragon goes to Muspelheim... )
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Had a lovely afternoon with [livejournal.com profile] hyndla. Despite a late start, I got to share the wonder and joy of a good mole burrito, because while I'm ambivalent about chocolate when it's candy, chocolate as a spice never fails to appeal..

Things led on to other things, and [livejournal.com profile] hyndla wound up driving DLP and I to Wyrmholm, home of the incomparable [livejournal.com profile] starfire6910. DLP and [livejournal.com profile] xbethfreakx, daughter of [livejournal.com profile] lori, were taking pictures of [livejournal.com profile] starfire6910's husband (no LJ!) Banging on Hot Metal with Hammers. Stitch and Bitch rumbled along, more frantic than usual due to impending Silicon Staff Feed, but attendees included several of you. DLP and I wandered off for a quiet dinner with [livejournal.com profile] lferion after which [livejournal.com profile] emberleo drove us and [livejournal.com profile] lionessmoon to our respective homes.

While at S&B, I finished knitting a test swatch from a yummy book of Viking artifact-inspired knitting patterns. As DLP currently has my poor digital camera, I had to resort to a scanner to let you all see how it turned out. Knit Bits Behind the Cut )

DLP would like it made a bit wider (which also means longer) and made into a scarf. Sadist! Currently it's 2x2 cabling; I spent a couple hours this evening expanding the pattern to 3x3 cabling, which made it half again as wide (good) but mussed up the proportion (bad). My next attempt to hack the pattern made it nearly twice as long, and I fear this will turn Cunning Knotwork into far less exciting Aran. I will make test swatches in the next couple of days...

Also made a shiny necklace as part of my ongoing Year Abroad with the local Umbanda House, this one for Yemaya, and I scanned that in as well. Beady Bits Behind the Cut ) As you might expect from the colors and materials, she's a lady concerned with the sea...

Today I sent out my first resumes in two years. Bleargh. But, instead of the shotgun techniques I've employed in the past, I'm keeping it simple and high-quality, this time: I'm primarily using Craig's List to look for jobs, and I immediately pitch anything for which I'm not mostly qualified, is too far from public transit, and/or prominently displays some noxious requirement like on-call support or wacky shift work. I posted job hunt results and ruminations behind this cut. )

Tomorrow, [livejournal.com profile] lionessmoon and I will assay a short raid on Costco, after which I may or may not swap her out for DLP and may or may not pick up some inexpensive yarn for the Yuletide Scarf of Knotworked Doom. To defray things, I may have to keep myself to buying it one ball at a time.

[livejournal.com profile] urbanbard suggested I should make my life into a reality TV show. Poppycock, says I... nobody would believe it, and once the gods started showing up and the oracles got their seidh-fu on, it'd just be too weird.

-- Lorrie


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