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Non-Geek version: Now, when people sign up for my bulletin board thingy, they have to answer a math question. Automated botnets set up to try and register on my (deliberately off-brand-but-actively-maintained) forum system will not expect this, and fail. Yay. Should the blighters get in anyway, another system will check posts over looking for Dastardly Activity, also yay.

Now if anyone ever posted...I'd be set.

Geek version:

I got the code, then jiggered the English parts and, with the help of [livejournal.com profile] feonixrift, made it a 50/50 shot you'd get a multiplication question instead of an addition one. Subtraction and division might have frightened people and/or required more elaborate checks; mustn't frighten off the mathematically illiterate.

Also, I swatted the n00b programmer, corrected his missing semicolon (ewps), and allowed as how it is Good Practice to use the long form of the php variable query instead of the short form, as the short form is not universally enabled, and therefore will hamstring the innocent, clueless administrator.

Like myself, until I waved the poor thing at [livejournal.com profile] feonixrift while hunting through php.ini for some distasteful setting.

Akismet is Doing the Right Thing--it successfully caught a spam post in its tracks.

Now if anyone ever posted...I'd be all set.

-- Lorrie
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[livejournal.com profile] dpaxson

Pass it on.

-- Lorrie
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Ha! Having tired yet again of the neverending flood of spammer registrations to the forums on the Westria site, to say nothing of mucking them out every day, I have found a simple answer that is not yet another CAPTCHA, 'cos, you know, "hate with the white-hot fury of a million suns" is about how I feel about CAPTCHA.

And I'm not thrilled with the automated spam site checker mods for my chosen forum software, because it means more mucking and some small chance of false positives.

Just found a guy, however, who wrote a mod that asks simple math questions on the reg page. If you don't know that 2+4=6 (et al), you get no cookie from me.

I have written away for it, and await with bated breath.

-- Lorrie
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It's lovely that there are one or two sigups for new accounts on the westria.org message boards every day.

Now if any of them weren't spammers, that would be better...

-- Lorrie ("oh, gawab.com? delete. mail.ru? won't even take the reg mail with the password from me: delete")


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