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Tomorrow's Oracular Seið ritual will have an anthropology student from a local college in attendance.

She will only be allowed to use questions and answers from querents who have specifically permitted use of their question and answer, and we will be announcing her presence before we start. She didn't give us enough warning to make note of it beforehand even to our own people, grumble grumble nyar grar. My other stipulation, as usual, is wanting a copy of the paper when it's done.

The student will also be attending another ritual this week that will have none of the same people in it, so that will be a healthy contrast.

Passing anthropologists make me feel like I've reached the Big Time as a professional weirdo.

-- Lorrie
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WHO: Seiðjallr (the working seið group associated with Hrafnar and (hopefully) you.

WHAT: Oracular Seið

WHEN: Tuesday, November 14th. Please gather at 7:30.

WHERE: The Berkeley Unitarian Fellowship hall (BFUU) at the corner of Cedar & Bonita in Berkeley, California.

WHY: It is the season in which we honor the ancestors and seek wisdom.

HOW: This is a time-tested, lore-based Heathen ritual involving guided trance journey to Helheim, the land of the dead, in order to facilitate oracular divination.

Seiðjallr performs Oracular Seidh several times a year at BFUU and at festivals as a community service to those with questions that need answering. In this season it is especially easy to contact our beloved dead, but all sorts of questions are welcome.

This ritual is open to anyone who wishes to attend.

-- Lorrie, one of your local Evil Seið Princesses-in-Residence
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For the Gentle Reader interested in the folks who have been bringing you spooky heathen woowoo for--wow it's really been twenty years--I bring you the recently updated seidh.org.

Gentle Readers formerly familiar with this site will find that those *cough* humorous asides intended to encourage us to update the site have been reasonably obfuscated. Please let me know if you can think of interesting essay topics, site ideas, or links to throw on there.

I'm especially looking for two categories of links:

1) If you or your group are Hrafnar-trained and want to be listed. Jordsvin, Jenny Blain, and Bjornsal are all already covered. [livejournal.com profile] scrwtape, I'd've tagged you but I didn't know a URL to use, ditto [livejournal.com profile] wyrdteacher, [livejournal.com profile] auntiematter, Winifred Hodge, etc etc. No offense meant, it usually means I forgot and/or didn't know.

2) We didn't train you, but you are Cool People. Shouts are already out for [livejournal.com profile] cauldronfarm, Bil Linzie, [livejournal.com profile] abhasana, and Annette Høst. Actually, I'm pretty sure Bil Linzie thinks we're full of shit, and technically we did train him at the very first seidh workshop...it's a compromise.

Thanks, y'all!

-- Lorrie
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Here at Snug Harbor Systems, every web site is individually hand-crafted using only the finest text editors. A Snug Harbor site is one that is certified to the higest standards, and is, insofar as is possible, viewable with any browser--our photo galleries, alas, do not work as well as we would like in text-only browsers, but such is life.

And so, I am pleased to announce a new service in our fine, hand-crafted websites: dropcaps!

That, Gentle Reader, is when the first letter of a paragraph is as tall as multiple lines of normal text. A delicate smattering of them to help offset new sections of a document is not just classy, it's comfortably medieval--but beware overuse, for lo, you look dumb then.

Go, me! Even more, go this really excellent tutorial!

And as long as I'm throwing the shoutsout, let's hear it for Lorem Ipsum, standard filler text of choice since, roughly, Gutenberg.

See the fruits of my labor in my most recent "test pattern" pages, one for seidh.org, and one for--oops, no, that site needs a little more content before it's Ready for Prime Time. SOON! SOON I TELL YOOOU!

-- Lorrie
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Seidhjallr, the oracular seidh group attached to Hrafnar, will be performing oracular seidh at BFUU at 7:30 on 8 November, a week from yesterday. While the emphasis of this particular outing will be to speak with the beloved dead, questions of any type may be asked and answered.

BFUU is at the corner of Cedar and Bonita, in Berkeley, CA. It is a short walk from either the Downtown Berkeley or North Berkeley BART stations, and accessible by AC Transit bus routes 7, 9, 15, 43, and 52. After we're done, which will be 9:30-10:00, any who wish to may join us at a nearby cafe for a late dinner.

Hope to see some of you there!

-- Lorrie
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Seidhjallr, the working seidh group attached to Hrafnar, will be performing oracular seidh tonight at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (BFUU). Tonight's session will be particularly focussed on asking questions of the ancestors, although general questions and questions to Hella will also be addressed. I will be guiding.

BFUU is located at the corner of Cedar and Bonita, one block east (uphill) of the corner of Cedar and Martin Luther King, or two blocks west of the corner of Cedar and Shattuck. The doors will open around 7:15, and we'll be starting somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00.

Hope to see some of you there!

-- Lorrie
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Tonight's Seidhjallr meeting, one of several where we take a nice slow amble back through basics, was focussed on Mapping the Nine Worlds -- it's a Norse cosmological thing, because if we're going to be galumphing up and down the big ol'tree in the middle, it's good to have your bearings, and review rarely hurts. While we often do this in journey space, it's often useful to cement that with kinesthetic learning techniques and a little real-world visualisation.

Besides, taken in the right spirit, it can be fun!

Obviously, this had to take place at Greyhaven, it was the only place with enough space and small tchotchkes to carry this off. This was well-paid off, though, because it enabled DLP's grandchildren to have their own honored place in the festivities... along with their collections of MageKnights, D&D figurines, and a few favored stuffed animals.

If humor has no place in your religious practice, don't click.

Obviously, the dragon goes to Muspelheim... )


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