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You young whippersnappers! In MY day, we didn't have your World Wide Webs! We uploaded with baud! Uphill! Both ways! In a packet storm! We ATE spam and LIKED it!

And when we wanted to know what that damn quake was, WE USED OUR FINGER!

(Highlight of appropriate line added via distinctly non-old-school FONT tag. Tongue completely in cheek to avoid coyote-like lolling.)

lwood@lorien:~$ finger -l quake@quake.geo.berkeley.edu
Login name: quake                       In real life: EQs? USE finger -l
Directory: /home/dc1/quake              Shell: /bin/csh
Never logged in.
No unread mail

           U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California.
       U.C. Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, Berkeley, California.
         (members of the Council of the National Seismic System)

NOTE:  Information in this page is updated regularly.  If you are accessing
this page via the Web, you may need to RELOAD the page to get current data.

Below is a list of magnitude 2 or greater earthquakes recorded by the USGS
Northern California Seismic Network and the UCB Berkeley Digital Seismic
Network during the last 3 days.  All times are in UTC (Universal Time),
which is 8 hours ahead of PST and 7 hours ahead of PDT.  This catalog is
valid for Central and Northern California (approximately north of San Luis
Obispo along the coast and 37 degrees N at the Nevada border). 

Magnitudes are reported as local magnitude (Ml) or coda duration magnitude
(Md) for small events.  Depth is in kilometers.  Q is location quality,
where the quality of the location solution is A=E (A=good, E=bad), and '*'
indicates the solution is from an automated system and has not been reviewed
by staff.

Note:  This is PRELIMINARY information.  Earthquakes before 00:00 UT today
which occur > ~50 km outside the boundaries of the network will not be
listed unless reviewed by seismologists.

Catalogs for other regions of the country can be obtained by using 
`finger quake@computer'  for the following computers:
  geophys.washington.edu (Washington and Oregon)
  seismo.unr.edu  (Nevada)         scec.gps.caltech.edu (southern California)
  eqinfo.seis.utah.edu (Utah)      fm.gi.alaska.edu (Alaska)  
  slueas.slu.edu (central US)      gldfs.cr.usgs.gov (large world-wide)
  tako.wr.usgs.gov (Hawaii)

WWW access: for these lists, maps, and more go to http://quake.usgs.gov

Updated at Thu Dec 21 17:16:00 GMT 2006 a.k.a. Thu Dec 21 09:16:00 PST 2006

yy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss   deg.   deg.    km
06/12/18 19:48:04  38.82N 122.79W   0.6 2.7Md A*   3 km NNE of  The Geysers, CA
06/12/19 00:03:07  35.60N 120.75W   5.8 2.3Md B*   6 km NW of  Templeton, CA
06/12/19 04:06:41  36.16N 120.28W  10.9 2.1Md B*   8 km ENE of  Coalinga, CA
06/12/19 06:36:28  40.34N 124.46W  18.9 3.3Ml C*  15 km W of  Petrolia, CA
06/12/19 15:10:10  37.49N 118.19W  12.6 2.5Md B*  23 km NE of  Bishop, CA
06/12/19 15:15:19  37.49N 118.19W  12.1 2.8Md B*  23 km NE of  Bishop, CA
06/12/19 15:18:40  37.49N 118.19W  10.9 3.4Ml B*  23 km NE of  Bishop, CA
06/12/19 15:21:42  37.49N 118.19W   9.2 4.0Ml B*  23 km NE of  Bishop, CA
06/12/19 15:36:09  37.49N 118.19W   5.8 2.7Md B*  23 km NE of  Bishop, CA
06/12/20 00:47:42  38.67N 119.84W   0.0 2.6Md B*   4 km WSW of  Markleeville, CA
06/12/20 02:14:35  38.83N 122.80W   2.8 2.6Md A*   4 km N of  The Geysers, CA
06/12/20 09:48:27  40.61N 124.22W  16.4 2.7Md C*   5 km NE of  Ferndale, CA
06/12/20 13:47:54  40.72N 121.52W  10.4 2.2Md C*  22 km SE of  Burney, CA
06/12/20 20:13:01  38.82N 122.80W   3.6 2.3Md B*   2 km NNE of  The Geysers, CA
06/12/21 03:12:28  37.86N 122.24W   9.0 3.7Ml A*   4 km ESE of  Berkeley, CA
06/12/21 08:55:40  37.86N 122.24W   8.8 2.2Md A*   4 km ESE of  Berkeley, CA
06/12/21 12:09:12  39.86N 123.48W   3.3 2.1Md B*  20 km WNW of  Covelo, CA
06/12/21 13:50:08  38.08N 118.68W   6.8 2.2Md B*  29 km SSW of  Qualeys Camp, NV
06/12/21 14:06:32  36.47N 121.04W   4.4 2.9Md B*  11 km SE of  Pinnacles, CA

You kids these days...no appreciation for a command line interface!

And get offa my lawn!

Less colorfully--yeah, we felt that. More like a bangish THUMP, like a car hitting the building or a cabinet falling, than any real shaking thing. I'm quite gratified that pegging it as a 4.0 got me within a mere factor of three (remember, Richter is a logarithmic scale) of those guys with their fancy-schmancy seismographs. ;)

-- Lorrie ("And we LIKED it!")
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The crafty Swedes have succeded in staging a production of A Shuggoth on the Roof.

AND! Tentacles have infested my favorite Yuletide carol in a most delicious way.


Sushi and fried calamari for all! Eat them before they eat you!

-- Lorrie
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NASA Unveils Plan to Return to the Moon.
Article Text Behind Cut )

Great! Now all we need is for Bell Labs somebody to get off their arses and start developing that High Optional Logical Multi-Evaluating Supervisor. We've only got until 2024 to get three of those buggers made, and I figure 2075 for the fourth one to wake up.

It is not, after all, like the "Crazy Years" are not still upon us...

-- Lorrie

* - Through Adversity to the Stars". Those of you who didn't already know that and yet call yourselves fannish of a science fictional persuasion, deduct three points from your overall score on the "hard science fiction" portion of the May exam. Sheesh.
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The exercise for five seventh-grade biology life sciences class: look at your cells under a microscope.

Originally, this was to be done by taking a swab from the inside of your cheek. The real biology teacher being out on maternity leave, the substitute made two changes--one I approve of, the other being profoundly stupid:
  1. The sub changed the swab to a blood draw. I actually like that: you get more cells from, oh, you, not "you and some wandering microbes and, uh, there goes some unswallowed lunch". Plus, really, I find flipping out over blood to be one of those Victorian notions we could stand to get over. Sane biohazard precautions, yes. Fainting, not so much. Speaking of "sane biohazard precautions", though:

  2. OMGWTFBBQ! The teacher permitted the students to share lancets!

The sub, of course, is fired like bricks. As many as thirty of the kidlets are off for Hep B/C and HIV testing.

Not only do you have all that cross-contamination, but lancets aren't exactly intended for multiple stickpokes on even one person, so person two (ogods I HOPE it wasn't more than that; the article is unclear) is in for a rather bigger ow than person one, and similar diminishing returns.

It could have been an educational exercise in reasonable biohazard precautions--not a bad habit to start, and start early. But no, it had to be a total ballsup instead, with predictable parental screeching, I'm sure, to follow.


On the gripping hand, though, I wonder if any of those lab partners were using it as an excuse to reeeeeally be best friends forever by pressing their stuck fingers together and doing some good old, OLD-fashioned blood oathing in the back of the room. That, I could conceivably approve of--you know, when not ranting about biohazardous evil. 8-P

-- Lorrie
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I work at a Mad Scientists' Home. If you don't want to hear about weird things done to fuzzy critters, including genetic modifications, do not click here. )
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Friends and neighbors, I'm an animist. Damn near anything with an individual identity has got some spirit to it, and that which is loved, can love in return, and occasionally perform when really it just ain't got no logical reason to--and I like to think that's love.

Herewith, the Tale of the Taurus That Could, and the Death of Its Transmission.

Short form: I'm okay, the car not so much. )

A rebuilt transmission will run $2000, and that'll take a goodly amount of juggling to achieve, but we'll do it--if for no other reason than that loyalty on a level roughly equivalent to the original marathon run really ought to be rewarded.

The little Taurus That Could loves me lots and now, big strong mean tough silly me, I am crying for it, at work and everything.

Good car. Mommy and Daddy fix.

-- Lorrie
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So, there you are, on your IM client, and a friend sends you a link out of the blue, no hello or anything, just an innocuous link like this:

http:// www . geocities . com / input_on_new_pics_plz

Don't ever go to links that people send you out of the blue without some obvious tip-off: have you been talking already? Is it obviously going to a site in which you have a shared obscure interest?


Then DON'T GO!

If you do, in this case, you get a nice looking page that asks for your Yahoo name and password, which will, if you have that gullible moment, then proceed to collect more usernames and passwords, and it will then have access to all your Yahoogroups--and Yahoo mail, if you use that, and so on.

If this happens to you, no software has been installed on your machine: this is all being done remotely. To lock the asshats back out change your Yahoo password and they will no longer have access. Count yourself lucky, as other spim-trojans do change passwords, as others have found to their peril.

This has been a Public Service Announcement; more details behind this cut. )This is a clever combination of social engineering (getting people to do what they're already inclined to) and phishing (using a faked legitimate-looking page to get real information)--clever because it's coming along an unexpected vector.

Unexpected...until you're bitten by one. I've known several who were (by this or another), two of whom have extensive experience in IT and therefore Should Have Known Better.

Don't let this happen to you!

-- Lorrie
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And Now, the Daughters of Frya (nope, not a typo):

Edit: Who were a hoax. The troll admits it (see comments), and while I suppose it's possible that someone random could have picked up on it and made something good of it, the site's gone also. I've left the rest of this post as-is, it's just behind a cut. )

They'd like to swap links with the Hrafnar site--I am disinclined to acquiesce to their request. If someone's decided to make a go of being a Daughter of Frya because reading the Oera Linda Book, more power to them, as they have a few good ideas, but even I--not on the lunatic fringe of heathenry but I can see it from here--would have a hard time accepting what I would classify as an essential monotheism as a Germanic reconstructionist faith.

I Am Trying To Be Nice, Here: one man's religion remains another man's belly laugh, and I don't know that we won't be a laughingstock in one hundred fifty years--but, er, wow. This one's rather large to swallow. That this, according to the all-knowing hivemind of Wikipedia, was a probable influence on Blavatsky, and through her, Spiritualism, really doesn't help.

-- Lorrie
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Meanwhile, on Logo, the Queer Channel (check your local cable or satellite company for channel number), my TiVo's Filters of Norsey Goodness caught an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Where Xena, back during her Bad Old Days, was running around doing Bad Things, but talked Odin off the Tree by waking his bloodlust, in return for which he made her a Valkyrie. These are the Bad Old Days, which Xena proves by goading five young warriors to die hopelessly, but gloriously.

But she gave all that up to nick the Rheingold, having already forsaken love, and forge the expected ring with the expected curse, to which I can only say...dammit, they shoulda paid for the rights to the Right and Proper Soundtrack! I want my nineteen tuned anvils! My Tubas of Great Power! My...right, I forgot we have no budget.

Now, during her Good New Days, she's teamed up with Siegfried Beowulf to kill Fafnir Grendel, although actually there are two, and one is his mum, formerly a Valkyrie named Grinhild.

I'm really rather annoyed, though, as I recorded only one part...of three.

Fansites to the rescue!

The second part gets the Beowulfbits that couldn't be well-mixed with the Ringbits: Amnesiac!Xena gets rescued by Beowulf from certain marriage to Hrothgar. Eh, whatever. Back to the Ring!

By the end of the three-parter, Siegfried2 Xena goes through a ring of fire (which was formerly a Valkyrie named Brunnhilde) to wake Brunnhilde2 Gabrielle. Gabi's in the fire because Xena put the Ring during her Good New Days without forsaking love, which also gave Xena amnesia, because we had to get that in there somewhere since the Gibichungs have been clomped over the head and tossed into the same ditch with the Nibelungs and, probably, Tom Bombadil.

But this was all a ploy for Odin to get the One Ring of the Nibelungs, which fails, because Xena talks Grendel's Mum back into being Grinhild, who Odin really loved all along (Frigga, presumably, being over in the ditch with the Gibichungs, Nibelungs, and Tom Bombadil).

It's all burnt, and then the Rhine floods and drowns the flames... The Rhinemaidens get their Shiny back, Gabrielle and Xena reaffirm themselves as the Not-Very-Ambiguously Lesbian Duo.

Snark aside, though, this was well-written by... R.J. Stewart. I want the three-parter on DVD for Cheesy Viking Movie Night! Wah!

-- Lorrie

DNS Outage

Jun. 26th, 2006 03:10 pm
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Edit: The Backup DNS is back on the air, so things should be covered up until the change actually propagates. Huzzah!

Current Server Status:
Overall StatusExplanation
Bert The current status of my server is Cookie Monster, which is good but not perfect, as a result of the earlier DNS issues.

When we changed IP addresses, there was one sikrit magic setting I couldn't easily change, but as everything appeared to have come along for the ride, I figured that that one had come along, too.

It hadn't; the apparent success was because the backup DNS server was Doing the Right Thing--which was great until said backup DNS server had a power outage this afternoon from which it hasn't yet recovered it recovered at 1706 PDT.

This has been fixed, after a phone call to Australia, and the fix will spread across the Internet like butter over the next few hours. When the backup DNS server comes back online, that will help immensely, Now that the backup DNS is back online, everything should cut over smoothly in search of that ever-elusive Oscar, which should be reached on Wednesday sometime.

More details here. )
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Current Server Status:

Overall StatusExplanation
Cookie Monster The current status of my server is Cookie Monster: things are going well, but someone hogged all my bandwidth.

Someone in the Greater Columbus, OH area, using a RoadRunner cable modem is trying to get an archive of a site I host. However, they're being rude about it, ignoring the "please don't do that" sign that has been quietly erected. In response, I shut the web server down for five minutes and am researching bandwidth throttling solutions for my particular setup.

I'll post something that's not about the server soon, promise!

-- Lorrie
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...is still dead.

Speakeasy called Covad, who theoretically dispatched someone to the CO (think Morlock Hole, Gentle Readers) for Deep Network Hoodoo--replacing a DSLAM card

Covad's tech either balked at replacing the expensive thing, or never made it to the CO because he was eaten by a grue, or something, because lo, nothing was actually done.

Speakeasy is Not Amused and have Spoken With Covad. I believe the phone call went something like this:

Covad: "Hey, Speakeasy, watch me pull a DSLAM out of my hat!"

Speakeasy: "Oh, Covad, that trick never works!"

*Covad pulls, and gets a huge rat instead of a DSLAM card.*

Covad: "...guess I didn't know my own strength!"

We are Informed that they really really are sending a tech out... "This time for sure!"

And, therefore:

Overall StatusExplanation
Elmo The current status of my server is Elmo as the network is DOWN.

However, I am pleased to report that a nearby EVYL EMPYRE is only too happy to do everything Speakeasy had been, only faster and for less money. While I'm normally a happy little Green Libertarian, and agin' Evyl Empyres wheresoever they may be, the little guy is not giving me the level of service I need: two significant outages in three months is, simply, unacceptable. Yes, I know Speakeasy has to work through the New and Improved Death Star, but really, there are things up with which I will not put!

-- Lorrie
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Some months ago, my cat George walked on the keyboard of ivanova, my trusty five-year-old iBook. Either as a direct result of this, or because he drew my attention to the screen, I saw on it the Grey Transparent Window of Death. Most Mac folks will never have seen it, but it's charcoal grey and informs you that You Will Shut Down Now.

A tale of woe within! Brother, can you spare a laptop? )
This is not good. This is, in fact, bad. It's somewhere between "very useful" and "necessary" to have a laptop of some kind when DLP and I light out for Indiana and Ontario next month, and I'm fresh out of ideas and and even further out on cash. [livejournal.com profile] ardaniel suggested running it by one of the Geniuses at the Apple Store, but our mutual best guess is something deeply wrong somewhere on the main logic board -- IDE controller likely, given the symptoms, and briefly lulled into functionality for some unknown reason. eBay has a couple iBooks in the $50-$100 range that I could repurpose, I suppose, if I trusted eBay not to screw me (no offense, [livejournal.com profile] bright_valkyrie).

Any ideas? Sympathy? Offers of cheap laptops, preferably (ha!) Macs?

-- Lorrie
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Howdy, folks, this is of primary interest to people who have e-mail accounts through me (nerdalfheim.org et al), and are on SBC (aka Yahoo, aka who-the-hell-knows) Residential DSL. However, if you are an SBC DSL customer who has e-mail hosted somewhere besides them, and aren't using a webmail client, you care about this message. I've grandly charged in and fixed multiple people recently, and am now trying to save myself a little work. ;)

SBC has recently blocked all of their resident DSL customers from using any servers but their own to SEND mail. You may still receive e-mail from any account you like. You may still send mail from any account you like as long as you change the following setting:

If you have, within the past few days, found yourself unable to send mail from your account, but have no trouble receiving, then open your mail client. In the various menus (Tools? Options? Accounts? Preferences? something like this), find out where the Outbound or SMTP Mail Server is set. This is not the Incoming, POP, IMAP, LDAP, or anything other kind of server.

If you have the problem described above and are on SBC DSL, please change that setting from whatever it is to smtp.sbcglobal.net.

This was done as a "security" measure: many SBC DSL customers have had their computers turned into virus-spewing zombies that then try to send mail out in the name of their evil spamming masters, not to mention try to harvest more, you know, braaaaaaains. This change from SBC keeps these zombie machines from sending mail out directly, although if I could figure out a way to write a workaround for a theoretical new batch of zombie powder in ten seconds, I'm sure these e-bokors have thought of several.

Thanks for reading!

-- Lorrie
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If you were righteously outraged because of my family's response to my letter, or if you just care about equal rights under the law for persons of all religions, you should take a look in [livejournal.com profile] walkyrja's journal at this post.

Comparatively speaking, my potatoes are very small. Miniscule, really.

I can, and will, vouch for [livejournal.com profile] oldsma's character as a heathen and as a person. Whatever disagreements she has had with me, or with the Troth, in the past are petty compared to the fact that her custodial rights are about to be severely curtailed simply because she practices a non-standard faith.

Her lawyers will be getting whatever I can send by the end of the week, and if I can manage it, a bit for her and the kids as well.

-- Lorrie
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My family designated a person to write back to me. I knew better, but hoped to be wrong in that knowing. [Edit: Actually, this may be one member acting unilaterally. There's no way to tell for sure, but my father, at least, is usually smarter than this.]

She's not even a blood relative of mine, but an in-law, my middle brother's wife. I can't say I cared for her the only time I did meet her and, well, this really doesn't improve my opinion in the slightest.

As she says in the first paragraph that my family has taken it upon themselves to share my letter with their entire church, I see no reason not to return the favor, which is why this post has no lock, and I have similarly removed the locks from my previous posts.

You have all heard my side. This is theirs, at least that of my middle brother and sister-in-law, and their opinions are likely shared in large part by my father and stepmother. I know my youngest brother is more reasonable (see my last post), and I'm fairly sure my mother will be.

What my grandmother and aunts will think, say, or do, I cannot imagine.

-- Lorrie

Read more... )
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Welcome to the prologue to an open letter that I just wrote to my family, and will be dropping into the mail tomorrow morning for delivery to Missouri, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Florida.

In election news, I didn't vote for him, I am rather upset, but Canada is a cop-out, and I don't cop out... which does tie into this, I suppose.

Six Letters, Four States )


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