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[livejournal.com profile] dpaxson is running all the Bardic Circles at Mythcon.

I don't have any poems on tap that I haven't used. Worse, even if I did, they're not in theme for a Mythcon. Worst, I would rather not do a thing in public if I do not think I can do it well, and I judge my poetic efforts to be mediocre at best, with no particular impetus for me to improve.

However, [livejournal.com profile] dpaxson has given me to understand that no, knitting appreciatively is not participation, even if the rule is technically "Pick, Pass, or Play" and not Greyhaven Rules (You Vill Participate in at Least One Round).

There is, I ween, an undercurrent of, "WTF kind of Oðinnsgyðja are you anyway, not writing poetry?"

Soooo I went home and wrote some. Apparently, it's easier to dash off more rather than ranting about how I can't find the other ones, and how even if I did they wouldn't be in-theme.

Well, as least these have the virtue of being short, and therefore there is not much one can say about them, good, bad, or indifferent.

A fine-downed feather fell to earth
Traced a trail across the asphalt.
Sky-Spear seeks her supper at Safeway:
Roof-rats' roosts are rarely restful.

Striding legs slid through the surface
Well-twined, the twinned wakes wove the water.
The steel snake slithered to a stop beside;
Scullers skim faster than stuck-fast traffic.

Cirdan's steeds still know
The Straight Way; their wakes are proof.
See? Herringbone clouds!

--a very vaguely connected set borne of my annoyance in the shower that the kind of criticism I really wanted was, "I rather liked how you tied in the similar imagery of the feather in stanza A with the waves in B and picked it up again with the clouds in C.

It would be hard to have any such criticism but that there actually were an A, B, and C through which to thread that imagery--and hey, I even got one to be on theme. Woohoo.

Now, how do I try a more structured form without the bitter, acrid smoke of burnt sonnet filling my third nostril's hindsmell?

-- Lorrie
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More gratituitous pimping, but hey--this one's free!

Do you like alliterative verse?

Sure, we all mostly do!

Gather, therefore, ye of good heart, and espy you now, The Lay of Three Bruins, which someone will give me a good Old Norse equivalent for any time now.

-- Lorrie


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