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In today's [livejournal.com profile] icelandreview RSS round-up, the following article:

Feature of the Week: Tongue Untied.

The sufficiently Odin-inclined will find several elements of interest in this pleasant interview of a highly mathematically inclined savant and synaesthete who learned Iceland in two weeks (!!). I, like many, find a certain Odin smell around highly intellectual people in general, particularly if they've got an unusual perspective. However, this particular gent is speaking, cheerfully, of the relationships that are apparent to him between mathematics and spoken languages...it can make a girl light-headed, it can!

But what made me nearly bust out laughing at my desk is something I'll hide behind an lj-cut to avoid spoilers... )

Also in this week's collection from IR is a "recipe" (we are using this term loosely) for kjötsúpa--clear broth of lamb with root crop, herbs and beans. This mightn't be a bad thing for Hrafnar's Disablot in a couple weeks...

Edit to Add HAI I CAN HAS LINK NIAO? Wow, Lorrie, when you tempt people with lamb stew, give them a link to the recipe, why don't you? Sheesh.

-- Lorrie
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Been awhile since I posted with this icon, isn't it?

[livejournal.com profile] dpaxson would like people to consider the environmental positions of the several candidates--Kucinich (goooo, Cleveland!) and Edwards had strong positions, but seem to be losing ground as viable contenders for the nomination. Obama's got a somewhat better stance than Hilary.

Then, of course, there are the Republicans, which range from "tolerable" to "scary".

Please see her post for more in this vein, and feel free to comment. Here, I'll be discussing things I've done over the past year in my own life to live more sustainably--what have you done? What will you do, in the coming year?

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That's my list. What's yours? It might be wiser to post yours in your own journal (thus spreading the love) than to post yours as a comment in mine.

Anything on this list that involved learning a new skill, especially a crafting skill, I am happy to teach. Just ask--the real challenge can be schedule matching, but it's not insurmountable!

The battle's not done--it's hardly begun, and all indications are that action will be too little, and too late, to avert the worst changes. While that's not particularly cheering...my faith has very strong statements about not throwing in the towel, and how failing in the struggle is the best ending of all.


What are you doing?

-- Lorrie
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Because the Raven post really wasn't enough to ensure my consignment to an unfashionable afterlife:


And in LJ Icon Size:

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"So, I want a great big roast that I'm going to dry-age in my refrigerator*, then sear on all sides and roast to pink perfection. What cut would you recommend for this treatment?"

I am at my local high-end grocery store, what has the real meat counter. It's slow right now, and two meatmongers, call them Alan and Bob, are behind the counter.

Alan: "Oh, well, we like the Sirloin Tip and the Cross-Rib SHoulder. Those have good prices--$4.99/lb--and good size."

They also have bottom round, standing rib, and eye round roasts. The roast is for this weekend's Odin Party, so obviously, I want to have a word about that eye round... "Those eye rounds, how would they do? It doesn't look like it'd be big enough."

Alan: "Oh, those are only three, four pounds."

lwood: "Yeah, I'm going to need about nine pounds, it's a big party."

Alan: "You'd need two eyes, then."

Bob: "I got two eyes."

Alan: "Really? Do they both work?"

Bob: "Oh, yeah. All twenty-twenty over here, man."

I want you all to know it was only by a heroic effort of self-control that I did not break out into inappropriately large gales of laughter that I would then have to explain.

Meanwhile, a gent of my acquaintance was discussing Odin with me. As long as we're making up alphabetical names, call him Carl:

Carl: I get the whole - "Luke, turn away from the Dark Side" thing from everyone

lwood: Only because you haven't talked to the scary Odin kids, who of course say, "Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies."

Carl: Except you're not all that scary.

-- Lorrie, Not Scary. Want a cookie?

* - As done in The Finest Restaurants, this is basically letting your beef sit around in refrigerated air for four days so that, yes, it starts breaking down (OMGs!). While this results in more tender and flavorful meat, this still seems Wrong to some inner hygiene freak of mine, who is going to have a lie-down until Saturday. It's also pretty safe: the outer layer dries up and is sliced off, and the new outer layer gets seared with high heat. Still freaked? Then don't eat it--more for ME.
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And now, due to the request of absolutely nobody, but as long as I was at it, I thought I'd toss in the Younger Futhark. Aett collection is according to Sibley's twig-flinging.

Copyright Statement: Copy all you like, just give credit where it's due.

Sleep now, right? Yay! )
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Well, Estara asked, and [livejournal.com profile] emberleo was making noises about éar a few days ago before I even got this idea and, well, here we are.

The Anglo-Saxon Fuþorc is not my forte. The shapes I chose were primarily influenced by the chart at the beginning of Taking Up the Runes, except for a few times when my font's glyph table completely flipped me off and had nothing like what Diana had, at which point I nipped over to [livejournal.com profile] cauldronfarm's web page, applied that to my font's glyph table, and found reasonable matches (I'm not happy with the matching on Calc).

Thirty-five entries here, drink up me hearties yo ho: as someone had asked about eiwaz orientation, and I found two possible diphthongs with which to end peorð (unless it's peorþ), so both of those variants are posted for both of those runes. Aettir are assigned following Kaldera's emendation of a fourth aett for the ones not covered in the Elder, save for Gar, which is all alone and ever more shall be so.

Now, if anyone who appeals more to the A-S futhorc (which would be anyone) than would like to apply Waggoner's Second Theorem of Heathenry ("You're Doing That Wrong"), please do, and I'll see what I can do to correct with what I've got without resorting to Waggoner's First Theorem ("You're not the boss of me!").

Same rules as before: Odin doesn't hoard 'em, neither do I, but I do like me props (only fair, he does too): a comment, a shout-out in the description you use when you adopt it as an LJ icon, both is best.

Hey, ho! Let's go! )
Share and Enjoy!

-- Lorrie
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Meanwhile, on [livejournal.com profile] badheathens, some people like their Eiwaz and Jera the other way 'round.


Eiwaz 2 Jera 2

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Some days, one word says it all.

And some days... one letter will do.

If it's a RUNE!

I present, for the general delectation of the LiveJournal community, twenty-four runic LJ icons, one for each of the twenty-four runes of the Elder Futhark. Odin didn't invent the runes, and neither did I, so, therefore, please feel free to copy for your own use as long as you credit.

Feel free to crosspost, too--again, as long as you link back to me.

[Edit: I bet you want a link to the whole gallery, huh? Well, there you go.]

Twenty-four little pictures behind ye cut. )Share and Enjoy!

As I have all the raw materials near to hand, it would be no trouble to make, oh... the Anglo-Saxon versions, or ogham, for that matter, although I suspect the latter would want a warm wooden background instead of a stone one.

-- Lorrie
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Meanwhile, on Logo, the Queer Channel (check your local cable or satellite company for channel number), my TiVo's Filters of Norsey Goodness caught an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Where Xena, back during her Bad Old Days, was running around doing Bad Things, but talked Odin off the Tree by waking his bloodlust, in return for which he made her a Valkyrie. These are the Bad Old Days, which Xena proves by goading five young warriors to die hopelessly, but gloriously.

But she gave all that up to nick the Rheingold, having already forsaken love, and forge the expected ring with the expected curse, to which I can only say...dammit, they shoulda paid for the rights to the Right and Proper Soundtrack! I want my nineteen tuned anvils! My Tubas of Great Power! My...right, I forgot we have no budget.

Now, during her Good New Days, she's teamed up with Siegfried Beowulf to kill Fafnir Grendel, although actually there are two, and one is his mum, formerly a Valkyrie named Grinhild.

I'm really rather annoyed, though, as I recorded only one part...of three.

Fansites to the rescue!

The second part gets the Beowulfbits that couldn't be well-mixed with the Ringbits: Amnesiac!Xena gets rescued by Beowulf from certain marriage to Hrothgar. Eh, whatever. Back to the Ring!

By the end of the three-parter, Siegfried2 Xena goes through a ring of fire (which was formerly a Valkyrie named Brunnhilde) to wake Brunnhilde2 Gabrielle. Gabi's in the fire because Xena put the Ring during her Good New Days without forsaking love, which also gave Xena amnesia, because we had to get that in there somewhere since the Gibichungs have been clomped over the head and tossed into the same ditch with the Nibelungs and, probably, Tom Bombadil.

But this was all a ploy for Odin to get the One Ring of the Nibelungs, which fails, because Xena talks Grendel's Mum back into being Grinhild, who Odin really loved all along (Frigga, presumably, being over in the ditch with the Gibichungs, Nibelungs, and Tom Bombadil).

It's all burnt, and then the Rhine floods and drowns the flames... The Rhinemaidens get their Shiny back, Gabrielle and Xena reaffirm themselves as the Not-Very-Ambiguously Lesbian Duo.

Snark aside, though, this was well-written by... R.J. Stewart. I want the three-parter on DVD for Cheesy Viking Movie Night! Wah!

-- Lorrie


Feb. 17th, 2005 02:09 am
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All right, I'll bite on this one... unfortunately, the locals mostly won't be able to read or reply to this 'til Tuesday.
Did you think of any deity in particular when you met me? How about now that you know me? And why?

-- Lorrie
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I deleted some friends and left some communities (the highest-traffic deletion being [livejournal.com profile] sages_of_chaos). Standard disclaimer: it doesn't mean I don't like you, it just means that I'm trying to reduce the inflow. OK? OK.

Added a couple new people, mostly Hrafnar folks or people who'd friended me first, like [livejournal.com profile] yorkshirelad. Actually, Mr Yorkshire, do I know you? Have you, perchance, posted under some nom de guerre in Sages o' Chaos? Just curious.

At least two of my friends are having this month for Processing and significant chunks of inner work. I have a lot of sympathy for you guys.

This weekend is Diana's big Odin Party, which should be its usually extremely interesting self. If you're in the Bay Area and would like to know more about it, you'll have an e-mail about it from the Hrafnar and/or Odin's Ætt lists -- any questions after that you can either e-mail me or call Diana or I.

-- Lorrie
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My family designated a person to write back to me. I knew better, but hoped to be wrong in that knowing. [Edit: Actually, this may be one member acting unilaterally. There's no way to tell for sure, but my father, at least, is usually smarter than this.]

She's not even a blood relative of mine, but an in-law, my middle brother's wife. I can't say I cared for her the only time I did meet her and, well, this really doesn't improve my opinion in the slightest.

As she says in the first paragraph that my family has taken it upon themselves to share my letter with their entire church, I see no reason not to return the favor, which is why this post has no lock, and I have similarly removed the locks from my previous posts.

You have all heard my side. This is theirs, at least that of my middle brother and sister-in-law, and their opinions are likely shared in large part by my father and stepmother. I know my youngest brother is more reasonable (see my last post), and I'm fairly sure my mother will be.

What my grandmother and aunts will think, say, or do, I cannot imagine.

-- Lorrie

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My youngest brother, Mikey, just called.

He'd gotten his copy of the letter.

He called to "praise me for my bravery and guts," just as many of you have. I pointed out that his faith has a bit to say about testifying and bearing witness, and that's what I was doing here, and he laughed.

He also figured I'd need to hear that someone thought positively about me, especially when the rest of the family weighed in with their opinions, and I thank him for that.

Also, he was concerned that I thought he'd spilled the beans. I repeated to him the story I'd told you all, and underlined that no, I didn't think he'd revealed anything he shouldn't've done, but that Dad had probably drawn a few conclusions, and that saying that you couldn't say anything was, in fact, saying something.

But my baby brother called to tell me how proud he was of me!

In return, I asked him to remind them that "I may be a freaky pagan weirdo and going to Hell... but remind them that I'm still me, and that I love you all."

He said he would!

He said he would. Now I wait, and it won't be a comfortable one.

I may have a whole pack of family members on my doorstep next week, trying to arrange some kind of intervention, but at least my brother still respects me, and will speak for me.

I cried a little after I hung up... but not all tears are evil, and these were not. These were the good kind.

Now we'll see about the rest of them.

-- Lorrie
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I have to be honest: this letter is not intended for a primarily pagan, or even heathen, audience. It's a frank explanation of my beliefs intended for my actual family as related by blood, who are all Christian in one sense or another. This means I don't, and can't, go into any real depth, and say a few things that are more personally relevant to me than they are to any other heathen.

Anyway, if I've seemed tense, nervous, or anything like over the past three weeks? This letter is one of the reasons why. If I have barked at any of you unnecessarily, I apologise (in the modern colloquial fashion).

Are we disclaimed? Good! Let's Go! )
I fervently hope and pray that they'll be willing to talk with me, not at me, when they're done with this.

-- Lorrie
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To mine enemy, currently beseiging mine oculus sinister and its environs:

Thou art a most unwelcome guest. Thou didst come upon me in tender years, all unawares, kissing me and marking my lips in a way most untoward for a child of five. But thy depredations didst not stop there, thou monkey's-rumped son of a syphlitic motherless goat. No, that were not enough for thee, and so ever and anon have I had to fight with thine incursions across the very windows of my soul, a very scar upon the cornea of my oculus sinister.

But this is not a new fight between thou and I. Oh, no. From old have I known you, and even as I did in the ancient of my days do I call allies to my defense!

Behold, I have taken nine grams of Lysine of the L Preparation, which is known to be noxious unto thee, a foul stench to speed thee hence with haste, back to thy well-known gangliac strongholds. When dawn, with her rosy fingers, o'ertops the Red Mountain, I shall bespeak Martel, a mighty chiurgeon of the upstream valleys, and we shall then palaver about which powerful scrolls shall be rendered unto the alchemists of the Longs of Unusual Size. As I see that thou has not yet called thy boorish bacterial cohorts, who bring with them the painful discharges that accompany a swelling of the conjunctiva, this battle should be a simple one. The alchemists will, upon the reception of these scrolls, or upon converse with the very air insubstantial which shall carry Martel's wingèd words, my despisèd enemy, dispense diverse powders and potions to which they are privy, which taken ensemble shall cause thy devocation once more! Thou shouldst know full well their Names, of Acyclovir, of the ophthalmic preparations of Valacyclovir, for their names are anathema to thee, and as a spear in my hand will they be my offense against thee. Tremble in thy strongholds at the sound of those names! Yea, even in my ganglia shouldst thou fear these diverse powders and potions that the chiurgeon, alchemist, and I shall bring to bear!

Do not think that I am so fond of the personal hand of Bilyegr, nor that Oski is so desired for, nor that I am so desirous of the continuation of his personal signature upon my cornea, that I will not work with every power at my defense, no, not even my Art, to speed thee hence, until we have this fight again, thou and I.

For we are old foes, thou and I. As long as thou art willing to lie in wait and strike when I am low, then will I be as willing to bring what I can bear against thee.

With respectful spite...
Translation... )


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