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Friends, Gondorians, Rohirrim...lend me your eyes.

Because SOMEONE has Too Much Time on His Hands (stop, you vile Styx song cue--back, I say! Eat flaming Howard Shore!)/


Safe for Work, although your mad cackling may not be: the Battle of Helm's Deep, restaged...in candy.


-- Lorrie
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[Edit: New user icon added, chose not to inflict GIP on flist.]

Hark! A yarn entry--but not, I hope, lacking in amusement to those who shy from the textile arts.

It's got dwarfs and the sea in, after all, and therefore will appeal to several broad demographics of my flist...

On exotic yarns... )
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I noticed a full-page ad for this in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, followed swiftly by my monthly SF Symphony e-mailed newsletter.

Anyway, when the Return of the King Extended DVD sets came out, you may have noticed a certain amount of hoopla regarding a LotR Symphony based on Howard Shore's soundtrack playing in Toronto.

Guess what?

It'll be in San Francisco next week.

There are two performances, Friday 14 July and Saturday 15 July, and [livejournal.com profile] countgeiger and I, probably in the company of The Notorious DLP, will be going on Friday: Premier Second Tier, Section FF, seats E 2, 4, and 6. Those were the least expensive seats remaining, by which I mean $33 each (a lot compared to a movie, not so much compared to a rock concert).

Anyone else coming along is more than welcome to try to find a seat near us, or find us afterwards to burble happily--our usual habit is to go uphill a couple blocks to Max's Opera Café. While there's a parking garage nearby, both hall and restaurant are a short walk from the Civic Center BART station, and even after dinner there's still plenty of time to catch trains back across the Bay.

-- Lorrie


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