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09:30 PDT, 08 May 2007
Service being restored to many sites as content is restored from offsite backup. Default page for not-yet-enabled sites now loads properly, instead of displaying [livejournal.com profile] rowanf's front page by right of alphabetical superiority.

22:15 PDT 07 May 2007
Webmail service restored.

22:00 PDT 07 May 2007
TinyFugue, the popular MUSH/MUD/MUCK/MOO/etc client, restored especially for [livejournal.com profile] cadhla.

21:30 PDT 07 May 2007
"...uh oh."
Found out that the dying hard drive corrupted its data in transfer--not unexpected. Will be restoring from offsite backup overnight.

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All right, folks. The hard drive containing your e-mail, web sites, and so on came out of everything is intact. That's the important thing, that's from the "breathe; ok, now, keep breathing..." department.

The "aieeeeeeee" class news is that, right now, as I am copying the data, the source drive pauses every once in awhile.

When it pauses, it makes clicking noises.

Hear that? That's all the geeks on my flist groaning. If you watch, they are also making back-luck-aversion and o-god-i-can't-look gestures.

It's the sound of incipient complete hard drive failure, with the likelihood of complete failure increasing every time the hard drive is powered off and on.

Or, well, probably every time it clicks, too. The clicky hard drive? Not your friend. At all.

Happily the data is still copying over, and happily most critical stuff has been backed up on my friend Eric's machine. Joyously, the copying appears to be going well...except for the stalling.

Weird-Ass Woo Department: The "lorien" wight has already been moved to the new chassis, and the network stang will get real blood this time so it doesn't suck my UPS dry. Again.

Yeah. Any y'all feel so inclined, light a candle for my boy lorien, would you? we'll get through the night, but every little bit and all that.

Once the target drive is re-ensconced, we can work on reconfiguration. I don't know if it'll be able to go online tonight or not. We'll see.

-- Lorrie

-- Lorrie (click-cluck, click, click, click-clonk...)
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Non-geek version: the network is hosed. The hardware is hosed. The software is hosed. I will be home "sick" tomorrow from work to migrate all to new hardware, which has been pending for some months.

Well, problems with lorien due to today's powerloss are threefold:

  1. The cable modem lost its widdle mind, no longer believes in our static IP addresses, and only wants to go online as a DHCP client. So, our workstations are up, but even if lorien were functional, it wouldn't be up.

  2. lorien's hardware is not functional: there a hardware failure on an extended particion of its remaining IDE drive (the other one failed awhile ago)

  3. lorien's software is not functional:The /boot partition overflowed during the recent software upgrade, causing issues between kernel versions; the goldurned thing won't boot, and the modules don't match the kernel.

Now, the good news:

No data has been lost!

More as I know more.

Happy Walpurgisnacht--I bet if I'd succeeded in running off to the hills, this wouldn't've happened. 8-P

-- Lorrie
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The server's down again, even though I made it so that a cat walking into the closet that she shouldn't be in couldn't step casually on the power supply.

She did it anyway: she doesn't like the other cats anymore, so hides from them in the closet. If I give the cats more than one room and the bathroom, she will claim the furthest room and claim a corner for her toilet. If I give her only one room hat she has to share, she claws open the large sliding door that can't close all the way for the power cables trailing past, and curls up inside the closet, away from the other cats. I suspect that if she were allowed to be outside, she wouldn't do this, but that's not feasable in my high-traffic neighborhood.

Anyone want a middle-aged cat? She's affectionate, a real love--not incontinent, but leery of crossing other cats' territory.

I'm really, really tired of the downtime, yet apparently not quite enough of a bitch to abandon or kill Wibble over this. Yet, I can't seem to drive a deep enough wedge into my schedule to finish migrating the data to the new hardware, testing it (yes, Virginia, some of us do know how to test before production) and the server to its new home.


-- Lorrie
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I have disabled my LiveJournal E-Mail forwarder--it was getting me nothing but spam, and was only used by people who didn't yet know my real address.

This is only a feature that applies to Paid and Permanent members: your usedname at livejournal.com will forward to your real e-mail address, which is great except now it's a favored target for dictionary spam attacks--i.e., "throw a bunch of letters @livejournal.com, some are bound to work". This, by the way, is one of the several reasons why large free webmail providers (Hotmail, Yahoo, GMail, et al) are particularly spam-prone. It's not that Microsoft sells your e-dress, it's that any alphabet soup is more likely to work than not.

Should you, Gentle Paid or Permanent Member, find yourself plagued by this feature and have no real use for it, descend into LiveJournal's dank, drippy, geeky sub-basement and issue the following comment:

set no_mail_alias 1

--then click "Submit"

Should you ever wish to enable this again, go back to the basement and say:

set no_mail_alias 0

In other news, a whole pile of software was just upgraded on lorien, my server. Until I can dedicate the days required to migrate everything to the new snazzy hardware, the best I can do is patch what I've got. Thus, with the new release of Debian GNU/Linux, I have upgraded lorien to 3.0/etch from 2.1/sarge.

What that means to you is that stuff might have broken. [livejournal.com profile] wolfs_daugher cannot access my webmail, but I can. How's the weather out there, O Flying Monkeys of the Lazyweb?

Also, as usual, if any of you want a e-mail address that doesn't come with prying corporate eyes of any of that crazy government bullpucky, drop me a line (or comment) and we'll talk.

-- Lorrie
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Lorien is down.

This means that none of my domains, nor anything I host, is currently accessible.

Now, the last time this happened, it was because a cat walked on my surge suppressor, and so we hope that it will be that trivially dealt with this time as well--but in any case I won't *know* until I can get back home, which won't be for a few hours.


-- Lorrie
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Non-Geek version: Now, when people sign up for my bulletin board thingy, they have to answer a math question. Automated botnets set up to try and register on my (deliberately off-brand-but-actively-maintained) forum system will not expect this, and fail. Yay. Should the blighters get in anyway, another system will check posts over looking for Dastardly Activity, also yay.

Now if anyone ever posted...I'd be set.

Geek version:

I got the code, then jiggered the English parts and, with the help of [livejournal.com profile] feonixrift, made it a 50/50 shot you'd get a multiplication question instead of an addition one. Subtraction and division might have frightened people and/or required more elaborate checks; mustn't frighten off the mathematically illiterate.

Also, I swatted the n00b programmer, corrected his missing semicolon (ewps), and allowed as how it is Good Practice to use the long form of the php variable query instead of the short form, as the short form is not universally enabled, and therefore will hamstring the innocent, clueless administrator.

Like myself, until I waved the poor thing at [livejournal.com profile] feonixrift while hunting through php.ini for some distasteful setting.

Akismet is Doing the Right Thing--it successfully caught a spam post in its tracks.

Now if anyone ever posted...I'd be all set.

-- Lorrie
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Ha! Having tired yet again of the neverending flood of spammer registrations to the forums on the Westria site, to say nothing of mucking them out every day, I have found a simple answer that is not yet another CAPTCHA, 'cos, you know, "hate with the white-hot fury of a million suns" is about how I feel about CAPTCHA.

And I'm not thrilled with the automated spam site checker mods for my chosen forum software, because it means more mucking and some small chance of false positives.

Just found a guy, however, who wrote a mod that asks simple math questions on the reg page. If you don't know that 2+4=6 (et al), you get no cookie from me.

I have written away for it, and await with bated breath.

-- Lorrie
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For the Gentle Reader interested in the folks who have been bringing you spooky heathen woowoo for--wow it's really been twenty years--I bring you the recently updated seidh.org.

Gentle Readers formerly familiar with this site will find that those *cough* humorous asides intended to encourage us to update the site have been reasonably obfuscated. Please let me know if you can think of interesting essay topics, site ideas, or links to throw on there.

I'm especially looking for two categories of links:

1) If you or your group are Hrafnar-trained and want to be listed. Jordsvin, Jenny Blain, and Bjornsal are all already covered. [livejournal.com profile] scrwtape, I'd've tagged you but I didn't know a URL to use, ditto [livejournal.com profile] wyrdteacher, [livejournal.com profile] auntiematter, Winifred Hodge, etc etc. No offense meant, it usually means I forgot and/or didn't know.

2) We didn't train you, but you are Cool People. Shouts are already out for [livejournal.com profile] cauldronfarm, Bil Linzie, [livejournal.com profile] abhasana, and Annette Høst. Actually, I'm pretty sure Bil Linzie thinks we're full of shit, and technically we did train him at the very first seidh workshop...it's a compromise.

Thanks, y'all!

-- Lorrie
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Here at Snug Harbor Systems, every web site is individually hand-crafted using only the finest text editors. A Snug Harbor site is one that is certified to the higest standards, and is, insofar as is possible, viewable with any browser--our photo galleries, alas, do not work as well as we would like in text-only browsers, but such is life.

And so, I am pleased to announce a new service in our fine, hand-crafted websites: dropcaps!

That, Gentle Reader, is when the first letter of a paragraph is as tall as multiple lines of normal text. A delicate smattering of them to help offset new sections of a document is not just classy, it's comfortably medieval--but beware overuse, for lo, you look dumb then.

Go, me! Even more, go this really excellent tutorial!

And as long as I'm throwing the shoutsout, let's hear it for Lorem Ipsum, standard filler text of choice since, roughly, Gutenberg.

See the fruits of my labor in my most recent "test pattern" pages, one for seidh.org, and one for--oops, no, that site needs a little more content before it's Ready for Prime Time. SOON! SOON I TELL YOOOU!

-- Lorrie
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It's lovely that there are one or two sigups for new accounts on the westria.org message boards every day.

Now if any of them weren't spammers, that would be better...

-- Lorrie ("oh, gawab.com? delete. mail.ru? won't even take the reg mail with the password from me: delete")
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No Muppets.

One of Lorien's hard drives has failed.

However, because I am reasonably clever, I had the hard drives inside Lorien set up so that they "mirror" each other: anything written to one hard drive is also written to at least one hard drive, so:


I have taken the bad drive completely offline, so lorien will behave normally as far as everyone who is not me is concerned. This involved some amount of downtime.

After a meeting I have to attend today, I will be working on lorien's replacement, a sexy little 1U Dell courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] countgeiger.

Those of you wondering, "Yes, but how did the concert go!?" will have to wait, I'm afraid, but my one-sentence review is:

I liked it. I wanted to madly, passionately love it, but I couldn't quite manage it.

More geekery here. )

DNS Outage

Jun. 26th, 2006 03:10 pm
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Edit: The Backup DNS is back on the air, so things should be covered up until the change actually propagates. Huzzah!

Current Server Status:
Overall StatusExplanation
Bert The current status of my server is Cookie Monster, which is good but not perfect, as a result of the earlier DNS issues.

When we changed IP addresses, there was one sikrit magic setting I couldn't easily change, but as everything appeared to have come along for the ride, I figured that that one had come along, too.

It hadn't; the apparent success was because the backup DNS server was Doing the Right Thing--which was great until said backup DNS server had a power outage this afternoon from which it hasn't yet recovered it recovered at 1706 PDT.

This has been fixed, after a phone call to Australia, and the fix will spread across the Internet like butter over the next few hours. When the backup DNS server comes back online, that will help immensely, Now that the backup DNS is back online, everything should cut over smoothly in search of that ever-elusive Oscar, which should be reached on Wednesday sometime.

More details here. )
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Current Server Status:

Overall StatusExplanation
Cookie Monster The current status of my server is Cookie Monster: things are going well, but someone hogged all my bandwidth.

Someone in the Greater Columbus, OH area, using a RoadRunner cable modem is trying to get an archive of a site I host. However, they're being rude about it, ignoring the "please don't do that" sign that has been quietly erected. In response, I shut the web server down for five minutes and am researching bandwidth throttling solutions for my particular setup.

I'll post something that's not about the server soon, promise!

-- Lorrie
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["Success!" --because dammit it just sounds cooler in the Original Klingon]

Comcast has just been by and swapped out the new modem/bridge for the new modem/router. I have swept in over the network and hopefully completed all updates necessary to get lorien to recognize its new IP, and to tell all its friends that it has a new IP.

However, there may be some lingering issues, so the new Muppet-Enhanced Status is:

Overall StatusExplanation
Bert The current status of my server is Bert as the network is UP but it and the software may both be FUNKY.

Projected hardware upgrades can now proceed at some leisure.

Web services are UP. E-Mail is UP.

DNS is UP but will propagate slowly; this means it may be a couple days before all receipt and delivery is back to normal. DNS-related issues are why we are at Bert instead of Cookie or the ideal Oscar.
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...is still dead.

Speakeasy called Covad, who theoretically dispatched someone to the CO (think Morlock Hole, Gentle Readers) for Deep Network Hoodoo--replacing a DSLAM card

Covad's tech either balked at replacing the expensive thing, or never made it to the CO because he was eaten by a grue, or something, because lo, nothing was actually done.

Speakeasy is Not Amused and have Spoken With Covad. I believe the phone call went something like this:

Covad: "Hey, Speakeasy, watch me pull a DSLAM out of my hat!"

Speakeasy: "Oh, Covad, that trick never works!"

*Covad pulls, and gets a huge rat instead of a DSLAM card.*

Covad: "...guess I didn't know my own strength!"

We are Informed that they really really are sending a tech out... "This time for sure!"

And, therefore:

Overall StatusExplanation
Elmo The current status of my server is Elmo as the network is DOWN.

However, I am pleased to report that a nearby EVYL EMPYRE is only too happy to do everything Speakeasy had been, only faster and for less money. While I'm normally a happy little Green Libertarian, and agin' Evyl Empyres wheresoever they may be, the little guy is not giving me the level of service I need: two significant outages in three months is, simply, unacceptable. Yes, I know Speakeasy has to work through the New and Improved Death Star, but really, there are things up with which I will not put!

-- Lorrie
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NB, Gentle Readers, that this isn't actually an old post come back around, but rather a new post made by editing an old post with new data.

[Edited 14:30 to Add: Called our ISP. Someone has to pop 'round to the Central Office, physically check some deep network hoodoo (the DSLAM card), and replace if necessary. Next update will be in 24 hours or so.]

And now, courtesy of Geek and Proud's Homeland Security Advisory thingy, cute Muppety pictures, we have the current Lorien Report:

Overall StatusExplanation
Elmo The current status of my server is Elmo as the network is DOWN.
The overall status breaks down into three sub-parts: network ("can I get there from here?") hardware (physical computer components) and software (programs that put the hardware on the network). If we have an Elmo, Ernie, or Bert on any one of these, that means something is affecting the casual e-mail & web browsing experience, either a little (Bert), a lot (Ernie), or it's completely cocked up (Elmo).

Sub-categories, history of current issue, all available behind here. )
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And now, as not everyone who has web sites, e-mail, etc at Snug Harbor is necessarily a card-carrying geek, here's the current situation in nice, friendly terms, courtesy of Geek and Proud's Homeland Security Advisory thingy, which provided the pictures.

Overall StatusExplanation
Ernie The current status of my server is Ernie as the network is UP but could go down again at any time.
The overall status breaks down into three sub-parts: network ("can I get there from here?") hardware (physical computer components) and software (programs that put the hardware on the network). If we have an Elmo, Ernie, or Bert on any one of these, that means something is affecting the casual e-mail & web browsing experience, either a little (Bert), a lot (Ernie), or it's completely cocked up (Elmo).

Sub-categories, history of current issue, all available behind here. )
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[Edit: Downtime complete, lorien's back online.]

lorien will be down for a few minutes -- now that the rebuild is complete, it's time to put him back in his closet.

-- Lorrie
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...okay, e-mail's back, web services are back, and most especially is webmail back, but unfortunately webmail filters and preferences didn't make the crossing; if you use my webmail, you'll have to reconstruct these.

photo galleries are sort-of working at present, will update tomorrow. westria.org phpBB isn't working, but nobody used that anyway.

i sleep now.

-- Lorzzzzz....


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