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All right, you guys, it's not that big a deal, but Since You Asked, here it is.

A few notes before the cut:

  • This was for a ritual for the Fellowship of the Spiral Path, a local pagan umbrella organization under whose auspices I am currently seeking clergy ordination. As part of that, I am to lead several rituals, and it is expected that these rituals constitute a stretch out of the native form of my local group. Specifically, this is a ritual that someone in Spiral does monthly to honor a different goddess, although variants exist to honor a god, or a pair of a god and a goddess.

  • The below material is intended for a broadly pagan audience, and for expression within a ritual--so it's short, and gives questions, not answers or even personal experience. When expanded for Idunna, it will see a refocus to a heathen audience, and a certain amount of retooling for that different focus. [livejournal.com profile] keristor has also provided Food for Thought, and as we all know, Food for Thought becomes grist in the writer's mill.

Okay? Okay--disclaimer is away, we are go for launch.

The requested homily lurks behind the cut. )
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I just noticed someone signed up for me based on my knitting babble, at least, one assumes so with a handle like [livejournal.com profile] knittingwoman

So, if the, like, five to nine of you who care would like to join me behind the cut, that'd be great. )However, my prime knitting time is my commute, which is being eaten by a short story instead just now, so the Ladies will simply have to wait. 8-P

Happily, they're a pair of Ladies who are good at waiting...

There, that's the state of my yarn. Enjoy!

-- Lorrie


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