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My esteemed and glorious father e-mailed me to let me know that he's changing ISP's (and, thus, e-mail addresses) from a telco DSL to his cable company.

He is now blablabla@cox.net, right?

He also closes all his e-mails with "In His Grip."

Yes, my friends, cox[.net] is firmly in [the JCI] God's Grip.

Won't you all sleep a little better knowing that?

-- Lorrie (snicker)
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The response I most wanted/feared/hoped for/dreaded has arrived. The Southern Baptist Grandmother )

Dear Jesus:

I know you're trying your best, but the world could use a more Christians like her.

Best regards,

-- Lorrie
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My family designated a person to write back to me. I knew better, but hoped to be wrong in that knowing. [Edit: Actually, this may be one member acting unilaterally. There's no way to tell for sure, but my father, at least, is usually smarter than this.]

She's not even a blood relative of mine, but an in-law, my middle brother's wife. I can't say I cared for her the only time I did meet her and, well, this really doesn't improve my opinion in the slightest.

As she says in the first paragraph that my family has taken it upon themselves to share my letter with their entire church, I see no reason not to return the favor, which is why this post has no lock, and I have similarly removed the locks from my previous posts.

You have all heard my side. This is theirs, at least that of my middle brother and sister-in-law, and their opinions are likely shared in large part by my father and stepmother. I know my youngest brother is more reasonable (see my last post), and I'm fairly sure my mother will be.

What my grandmother and aunts will think, say, or do, I cannot imagine.

-- Lorrie

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My youngest brother, Mikey, just called.

He'd gotten his copy of the letter.

He called to "praise me for my bravery and guts," just as many of you have. I pointed out that his faith has a bit to say about testifying and bearing witness, and that's what I was doing here, and he laughed.

He also figured I'd need to hear that someone thought positively about me, especially when the rest of the family weighed in with their opinions, and I thank him for that.

Also, he was concerned that I thought he'd spilled the beans. I repeated to him the story I'd told you all, and underlined that no, I didn't think he'd revealed anything he shouldn't've done, but that Dad had probably drawn a few conclusions, and that saying that you couldn't say anything was, in fact, saying something.

But my baby brother called to tell me how proud he was of me!

In return, I asked him to remind them that "I may be a freaky pagan weirdo and going to Hell... but remind them that I'm still me, and that I love you all."

He said he would!

He said he would. Now I wait, and it won't be a comfortable one.

I may have a whole pack of family members on my doorstep next week, trying to arrange some kind of intervention, but at least my brother still respects me, and will speak for me.

I cried a little after I hung up... but not all tears are evil, and these were not. These were the good kind.

Now we'll see about the rest of them.

-- Lorrie
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I have to be honest: this letter is not intended for a primarily pagan, or even heathen, audience. It's a frank explanation of my beliefs intended for my actual family as related by blood, who are all Christian in one sense or another. This means I don't, and can't, go into any real depth, and say a few things that are more personally relevant to me than they are to any other heathen.

Anyway, if I've seemed tense, nervous, or anything like over the past three weeks? This letter is one of the reasons why. If I have barked at any of you unnecessarily, I apologise (in the modern colloquial fashion).

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I fervently hope and pray that they'll be willing to talk with me, not at me, when they're done with this.

-- Lorrie
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Welcome to the prologue to an open letter that I just wrote to my family, and will be dropping into the mail tomorrow morning for delivery to Missouri, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Florida.

In election news, I didn't vote for him, I am rather upset, but Canada is a cop-out, and I don't cop out... which does tie into this, I suppose.

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