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All right, you guys, it's not that big a deal, but Since You Asked, here it is.

A few notes before the cut:

  • This was for a ritual for the Fellowship of the Spiral Path, a local pagan umbrella organization under whose auspices I am currently seeking clergy ordination. As part of that, I am to lead several rituals, and it is expected that these rituals constitute a stretch out of the native form of my local group. Specifically, this is a ritual that someone in Spiral does monthly to honor a different goddess, although variants exist to honor a god, or a pair of a god and a goddess.

  • The below material is intended for a broadly pagan audience, and for expression within a ritual--so it's short, and gives questions, not answers or even personal experience. When expanded for Idunna, it will see a refocus to a heathen audience, and a certain amount of retooling for that different focus. [livejournal.com profile] keristor has also provided Food for Thought, and as we all know, Food for Thought becomes grist in the writer's mill.

Okay? Okay--disclaimer is away, we are go for launch.

The requested homily lurks behind the cut. )
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I just committed a sermon.

And it doesn't suck.

-- Lorrie
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You know, out here in the tall grass, there are a lot of things which, when you've done them, you've no idea whether you've done a damn bit of good.

Was I talking out of my ass when I gave that cryptic oracular pronouncement?

Is anyone actually going to read a website I just spent a zillion hours designing?

How long will it be before that stupid user gets malware all over their computer again?

Why is that potential priest doing all he can to be come a complete shiny-chasing poser?

Friends, I'm here to tell you that cleaning up shit is not one of these things. I do not offer incontinent crazy dying lady excrement as a panacea for the world's ills, but it certainly provides a bit of perspective.

The limited scope a scrub-brush, some cleaning solution, and the offending poo provide is really easy to get your head around and, when you've done it and laid down a nice fat layer of Lysol in your wake, you really know you've made a small, positive change in the world--or at least the world of said dying crazylady.

The real universal compassion points would come when it's less innocently deposited, I realise, or when it's a chronic sort of deal. I get that.

But for a quick antidote to acute craniorectal inversion syndrome, I recommend poo cleaning.

-- Lorrie


Feb. 17th, 2005 02:09 am
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All right, I'll bite on this one... unfortunately, the locals mostly won't be able to read or reply to this 'til Tuesday.
Did you think of any deity in particular when you met me? How about now that you know me? And why?

-- Lorrie
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The response I most wanted/feared/hoped for/dreaded has arrived. The Southern Baptist Grandmother )

Dear Jesus:

I know you're trying your best, but the world could use a more Christians like her.

Best regards,

-- Lorrie
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My youngest brother, Mikey, just called.

He'd gotten his copy of the letter.

He called to "praise me for my bravery and guts," just as many of you have. I pointed out that his faith has a bit to say about testifying and bearing witness, and that's what I was doing here, and he laughed.

He also figured I'd need to hear that someone thought positively about me, especially when the rest of the family weighed in with their opinions, and I thank him for that.

Also, he was concerned that I thought he'd spilled the beans. I repeated to him the story I'd told you all, and underlined that no, I didn't think he'd revealed anything he shouldn't've done, but that Dad had probably drawn a few conclusions, and that saying that you couldn't say anything was, in fact, saying something.

But my baby brother called to tell me how proud he was of me!

In return, I asked him to remind them that "I may be a freaky pagan weirdo and going to Hell... but remind them that I'm still me, and that I love you all."

He said he would!

He said he would. Now I wait, and it won't be a comfortable one.

I may have a whole pack of family members on my doorstep next week, trying to arrange some kind of intervention, but at least my brother still respects me, and will speak for me.

I cried a little after I hung up... but not all tears are evil, and these were not. These were the good kind.

Now we'll see about the rest of them.

-- Lorrie
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I have to be honest: this letter is not intended for a primarily pagan, or even heathen, audience. It's a frank explanation of my beliefs intended for my actual family as related by blood, who are all Christian in one sense or another. This means I don't, and can't, go into any real depth, and say a few things that are more personally relevant to me than they are to any other heathen.

Anyway, if I've seemed tense, nervous, or anything like over the past three weeks? This letter is one of the reasons why. If I have barked at any of you unnecessarily, I apologise (in the modern colloquial fashion).

Are we disclaimed? Good! Let's Go! )
I fervently hope and pray that they'll be willing to talk with me, not at me, when they're done with this.

-- Lorrie
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Welcome to the prologue to an open letter that I just wrote to my family, and will be dropping into the mail tomorrow morning for delivery to Missouri, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Florida.

In election news, I didn't vote for him, I am rather upset, but Canada is a cop-out, and I don't cop out... which does tie into this, I suppose.

Six Letters, Four States )


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