Book Signing with [ profile] dpaxson in Seattle!

Oct. 12th, 2010 12:44 pm
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In association with [ profile] erynn999, Diana and I proudly present: something to do this Saturday night!

Diana Paxson ([ profile] dpaxson, author of Taking Up the Runes, Essential Asatru, Trance-Portation, and a stack of fiction books as long as your arm, will be at Edge of the Circle Books in Seattle THIS SATURDAY, October 16th, from 4-6 PM for a book signing.

Whoever's left standing at the end of the affair will help us decide where we're going for dinner--a pubmoot may well break out! Have there been any stories that we wouldn't tell you because "you'd have to get us drunk"? This may be your chance!

[ profile] dpaxson has been a strong influence in modern paganism and heathenry for over twenty years, involved in organizations at all levels. Currently, she serves as Clergy Coordinator for The Troth, as well as editing its magazine Idunna and substantiative contributor to Our Troth. On the local (San Francisco Bay Area) scene, she runs the open heathen group Hrafnar as well as serving as secretary for The Fellowship of the Spiral Path.

Our apologies for the short notice! I hope you'll be able to join us.


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